KuntryKali (@KuntryKali) ‘OG Bobby Johnson’

KuntryKali 'OG Bobby Johnson'

A multicultural individual hints the name KuntryKali. Born in Philly but coming from a military family forced him to travel going from San Deigo,California to Norfolk,Virginia and finally to PG County, Maryland. His military background is how this style and person would develop and come to life. This is a style that can not be duplicated, with the swag of Cali man, street smart like a DC man & knowledge of a well-educated man.

Now working on his debut mixtape KaliforniKation alongside his MTS (Menace to Society) partner Gino$ as one of his many producers, KuntryKali is sure to be a name that no one will ever forget for years to come.

About two weeks ago, KuntryKali started his weekly song releases called “#DropZone” The reason for the name is just his way of saying he will be dropping bombs on the competition all the way up until early May when his debut mixtape KaliforniKation will be released. The first song of the “#DropZone” releases, he dropped a freestyle to the hit single “OG Bobby Johnson” and now he gives you the visuals. Check it out below.