Klassik Returns With 3rd Seasonal EP Listen To ‘Summer’

Klassik - SUMMER EP

Klassik releases the 3rd EP in his seasonal series entitled SUMMER.

“Long days, warm nights. Vibrant and full of life, the summer season is a time for celebration. Escaping from the glaring cold of Winter, and drying off after the “reign” of Spring, Summer brings freedom and happiness. A creative climax in the artistic psyche, the sounds of this season are grander and lush; flowers in bloom or swelling strings, this is beauty epitomized.”

The SUMMER EP is the third of four EP releases in Klassik’s SEASONS series. Their will be a release party this Saturday, March 28th at Madplanet in Milwaukee, WI. See Flyer below.

Play these at high volume, optimized for warm nights with windows or tops down. Things are heating up…

Klassic Summer EP Release Party

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