Klassik Releases A Follow Up To His Winter EP Listen To ‘Spring’

Klassik - SPRING EP

Spring is quickly moving upon us and to celebrate that fact Klassik releases another SEASONS series EP entitled SPRING.

“The season of rebirth and rejuvenation, SPRING represents new life,” said the Milwaukee artist. Klassik explains, “Within the artistic cycle, it is the moment when new perspectives are introduced, and raw inspiration and creative purpose blossom. The SPRING EP embodies this revitalized spirit through more rapid fire wordplay and accelerated tempos that work vigorously to shake the frost of WINTER. No longer defeated by the gloom of gray skies and snow storms, SPRING brings forth a renewed sense of purpose and energy.”

The SPRING EP is the second of four EP releases in Klassik‘s SEASONS series. Also Listen to his first EP Winter. Listen to the new project below and let it inspire you as we head into a new creative cycle.


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