Klassik (@iamklassik) ‘YRP – Young Rising Phenoms’


Wisconsin Area Music Industry’s Rap/Hip Hop Artist of 2013, Klassik, debuted his new LP entitled ‘YRP – Young Rising Phenoms’ in December and it is an accomplished record front to back.

The track ‘This is That New’ pretty much opens the album with a mission statement: that Klassik has set out to create something that sounds different. He definitely hits that mark with track after track brimming with originality. What helps set him apart is his ability to sing, which he is not afraid to demonstrate often, blending quickfire spitting with memorable melodies. Klassik is not held back by the conventions of genres either, touching on R&B, jazz, ballads, electronic and rap with much more in between. It adds up to a liberated sound with a limitless potential while always remaining true to a hip hop aesthetic. 

The album includes Klassik’s break out track ‘Boogie’ that has a hook that won’t quit and demonstrates his ability to meld rapping and singing during the verses. Other stand out tracks include ‘Light’, a smooth jam with impressive production and ‘Mothership’, a ballad dedicated to his mom where he lays out his praise with a distinct flow that begs for another spin. Which tracks really stand out depends on your taste as every cut has something to like, so give it a listen and decide for yourself. You can check out the video for ‘Boogie’ at his website here.

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