King Kwama (@KingKwama) ‘1993 EP’

King Kwama 1993

King Kwama 21 Year Old MC, and New York native, first started writing rhymes back in 3rd grade after hearing Jay-Z “The Blueprint” album. As time pass after hearing College Drop Out by Kanye West, Kwama Realize you didn’t have to sell drugs to rap anymore and took it very serious. Before he came together with some high school friends with the same love for music as himself and came to make the Hip Hop collective representing New York, Dallas Texas, London.

Africa, Houston, and New Orleans by the name Skylight Nation. Now Kwama is trying to show growth by releasing a solo effort tittle 1993 EP!

Stand out track on the EP titled ‘Hip Hop Bullshit’ featuring Genesis’93 produced by. Soul Beatz.