KING (@kingmusic1991) ‘Born Of A Ghetto’ Child


King has finally released the single ‘Born Of A Ghetto’ Child.

The singer-songwriter and rapper, known for utilising his broad artistic talent and music styles (often switching between singing and rapping), has released two tracks, both of which comfortably fall into the Hip-hop genre. The single: ‘Born Of A Ghetto’ Child, relives and encounter of the musician with a young child seemingly with no hope. As the title reads, the child feels he will always been seen as someone ‘Born of a ghetto’. Simplistic in style and in concept, the song takes advantage of King’s mellow demeanour and voice. The production is once again typical of King and the video is a nice companion to the music, staying true to the story in the lyrics.

While clearly the lead and main song ‘Born Of A Ghetto’ Child is to be released with another song called ‘Wussup!’ ‘Wussup!’ is a fun song with a very memorable hook. It is a lighter song probably released with the lead song as a counter-piece. They two songs share on trait in common; they show King’s desire (or need) to keep his music personal. The first verse of ‘Wussup!’ addresses his busy childhood and the places he lived while the second talks about his love of cultures and traveling, while always remaining more entertaining than serious . On his choice of music subjects, in regards to the new single King says, “I don’t attempt to make music that is clever or deep. I just write what I feel like writing or what I feel needs to be written. If it requires some thought, talent or artistry to pull off, all the better.”

The song can be downloaded at iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon and searched for on Spotify. Watch the visual below.

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