Kel Il (@Clarkkentrapper) Ft. RxMD ‘Lasts Too Long’

Kel Il - Lasts Too Long Featuring RxMD

Kel Il also known as Billy Taylor began his hip hop career inspired by Eminem with the release of the Slimshady LP. He tried to model himself after the Detroit rapper, but eventually he grew as an artist. He started to form his own style inspired by Screamo music as well as rap.

Dubbing this genre Emocore, Kel Il released his debut mixtape The Comic Book Hero Chronicles. After dropping the tape Kel Il decided it was time for a change. He wanted to make music that was more positive. With the release of ‘Reinvented’ Kel Il literally reinvented himself into a positive style rapper with christian influence.

Below is the latest video from Kel’s entitled ‘Lasts Too Long.’