Kayla (@Kayla_Is_A_Boss) Ft Wiley Don ‘Closer’

Kayla 'Closer'

R&B sensation Kayla is an Artist, Musician and and over all conqueror of the genres. She chose to go by her name because that’s who she is “I’m Just Kayla” and that’s who she wants the world to know her as. Kayla is a talented, humble artist who is keeping R&B alive.

She is currently working on her debut E.P with her team New Haven Sound Lounge. Scheduled to be released in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2015. Kayla is always working whether its writing, singing, recording, or performing she’s working hard. Being apart of the music industry as an artist is all she wants and love.

Stream Kayla’s latest release ‘Closer’ featuring Wiley Don below.

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