Kayden Crooks (@KaydenCrooks) ‘1994’ [Mixtape]

Kayden Crooks '1994'

Kayden Crooks drops 90’s inspired mixtape entitled 1994.

May 11, Vancouver, B.C.- Rapper Kayden Crooks dropped a bomb on the hip-hop community today. Over the last year Crooks has surreptitiously been working on a collaborative mix tape featuring some of Canada’s biggest names in underground hip-hop. Crooks rapped on and mixed the ‘90s inspired mixtape, entitled 1994, which features WildCard (Abbotsford, BC), M.O.S.E (Langley, BC) , Kniggz (Saskatchewan), Dakk One (Vancouver, BC), CDN Birdman (Langley, BC), Dekoy (Saskatchewan), and The MC Isaiah Phinn (Toronto, ON). The beats were produced by J Dilla except for Real Real which was produced by Jake One.

Crooks might be shy about his hip-hop heritage (his uncle is a Grammy winning rapper) but he’s not afraid to show his influences. In Crooks’ words, “My goal was to bring back that ‘90s type rap that people say they miss and wish it would come back.” In the words of Chin Injeti, “rap is not supposed to be perfect”. 1994 is far from the over-produced, auto-tuned rap of today. The goal for 1994 was to showcase Crooks’ raw talent.

1994 is Crooks’ second release under the moniker. The first being Written Violations Vol.1 released in 2013. He also had a release under the Immortal Fame name, 2012’s Fames Kitchen. 1994 is available for free download online at DatPiff or SoundCloud.

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