Kayden Crooks Debuts New Album ‘Some Type Of Better’

Kayden Crooks has just released his latest album Some Type of Better. An old school twist on some new age rap, with sounds reminiscent of the 90’s golden age era of rap.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kayden Crooks personally. He had some serious talent supporting him, as the beats were produced by Abel Beats, KJS Beats and GUM$.

Kayden’s inspiration was derived from personal trips to Washington State, Seattle and Tacoma. His interest and passion for music led him on a trip to see what other artists were creating and producing, and for his personal view into the music business in the office and in the streets. Crooks wanted learn what rap really means to the people who actually live and breathe what we hear in our modern day rap music, and in order to do that crooks decided that he would have to take a trip to see first hand himself.

Take a listen to Kayden Crooks’ newest album Some Type Of Better and let him take you on a journey.

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