Kavale Releases Chilling Visuals For ‘Hold On’

Toronto-based artists Kavale releases a cinematic visual for his latest release ‘Hold On.’ In the chilling video we see a young man at his lowest point struggling with depression, who is setting up to take his own life. His woman pleads as she bangs on the font door to get inside, but the young man has already made up his mind. As Kavale sings his ominous hook, the young man’s life is taken.

It’s crazy because as we speak there’s someone out there contemplating this very thing; suicide. You truly have to be grounded in these time and “Hold On To Something,” as Kavel sings, in order to muster up the strength to get though the tough times.

A dramatic visual by Kavale, who is brave to touch on such a taboo subject. Check out the Jace directed video above.

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