Kaotik Releases New Single ‘All A Dream’

Focused on reaching his dreams and inspiring the youth through his musical talents, up and coming hip hop artist Kaotik, releases his long awaited new single ‘All a Dream.’

Born in Chicago, IL Kenneth “Kaotik” Thomas is no ordinary hip hop artist. He is multi-talented beyond his years, especially when it comes to putting paper to pen. With a goal to be the youngest hip hop artist to write their own album, Kaotik expresses his confidence to live out his dreams in his new single and video.

The original single ‘All a Dream’ from Kaotik’s upcoming mixtape All Bars Lead to B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) hosted by Midwest Mixtape Bully DJ V-Dub. Production on the single includes C. Sick and it’s available on most digital platforms including – iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon.

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