K.I.T.E. (@RageTheNormal) ‘Trapanese Blues’

K.I.T.E. 'Trapanese Blues'

K.I.T.E. is a 19 yr old artist from Brooklyn, NY who aims for abstract, limitless type music. His name is unusual at first glance, but it stands for; Killing Ignorance Throughout Eternity.

The BK artists is currently working on this upcoming album entitled Phoenix. As we wait for that project to hit the streets he fires off the single ‘Trapanese Blues.’ Stream/Listen to the single below and be on the look out for K.I.T.E. ‘s upcoming project.

“The song is called Trapanese Blues, and I used the beat from Nujabes featuring Shing’s Battlecry, which is the theme song for this anime called Samurai Champloo. It just came to me one night, I was in my room just thinking and the pen just did the rest, it was super organic mentally. It’s the anthem for anime watchers and just people who are different who also aren’t afraid to be themselves.”