Just John (@JustJohnForReal) ‘Monday / Mundane’

Monday / Mundane - Just John

Just John shares a two-part music video for ‘Monday / Mundane’ to end his debut LP Fast Metaborhythm campaign that was released earlier this year.

The DIRECTOR ▲ FRO shot visuals captures the eerie vibe that the record encompasses. ‘Monday / Mundane’ is Just John’s take on a world that has him trapped in a twisted cycle. The visual comes to reality with John being inside his mind too much, where his doubts are clouding his growth and being at peace. We don’t want to give away too much but, the second part in the flick ‘Mundane’ is an extension of the actual ‘Monday’ record.

‘Mundane’ is a chopped and screwed version; the visuals get even creepier too. With every good side there’s a dark one and as John gets ready to release a new 5-track EP in the Winter titled Leftovers, this was a fitting transition to lead him into his next project.

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