Just John (@justjohnforreal) ‘Brother Brother’


Coming out of Toronto, Just John has dropped the visuals for his track ‘Brother, Brother’ that came off of his recently released debut LP ‘Fast Metaborhythm’.

It’s a minimalist beat with a marching rhythm that brings it away from hip hop and closer to a ballad. The hook helps with that too, an auto-tuned lament that stays in your head even after the song is finished. It all goes well with the heart-on-the-sleeve lyrical content about family and how the strongest bonds are by blood. John’s lyrics tell the story of how his relationship with his twin brother might not always have been roses but in the end he was one of the few people he could always trust and rely on. It’s a tale anybody with a sibling can relate to, sharing the same upbringing forms a deep relationship that can’t be compared.

The video itself keeps it sparse and honest, contrasting the HD footage of Just John with grainy home footage of his brother. It’s a powerful video that manages to make a powerful song a little more touching.

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