Josh Bliss Lighten (@trill_is_bliss) ‘Mind F**k’

Josh Bliss Lighten 'Mind Fuck'

Born and raised in Louisiana now living in Massachusetts for the last 2 years Josh Bliss Lightens love for music started at an early age. Started writing rap songs around 13 and took it serious at the age of 17. With the rise of the internet his ears were open to more than southern rap and got more influenced with east coast music as well as south. His style is a mixture of both with his own versatility. Always thinking positive and his music expresses real life situations.

Below is the newest visuals by Josh Bliss Lighten entitled ‘Mind F**k’ produced By The Cratez (@TheCratez). The video was directed and edited by Bliss himself. He says, “This song and video is pretty much about how I feel about the state of hip hop right now. Everyone claims they’re a rapper now a days and just repeat the same rhymes every cliché artist says.”

Check out the video below.