Jordan King Releases First Single off Forthcoming EP Listen To ‘P.W.I’

Jordan King - PWI

UK RnB artist Jordan King released the first track off his forthcoming EP ‘The Night Shift’ on 31.07.16. ‘P.W.I’ (Play With It) described by king as his arrival track, paves the way for what is to be expected from the young artist this September

Produced by UK female producer R7, P.W.I is a cheeky, flirtatious, no filter and no nonsense track which sets the tone of Kings forthcoming EP. Directed more at his female fans, or Queens as King would call them, this introductory track exudes confidence and sex appeal whilst setting the record straight with regards to Jordan King’s alternative sound.

“I refer to this as my arrival track because that’s exactly what it is. It says ‘I’m here, I’m ready and I’m playing by my own rules”, said King.

King began developing his sound in his early teens and has been writing and producing music ever since. P.W.I was chosen for the early release due to its creation being what inspired King to complete the much-anticipated EP.

He explains, “I love it when things come about organically and that’s exactly what happened with P.W.I. Just catching a vibe in the studio lead to the creation of an EP I can’t wait to drop!” Jordan King’s The Night Shift is due for release in late September.