Joe Lefty (@joelefty) ‘OneTime’

Joe Lefty  2014

Joe Lefty releases his first single/video “Ain’t That Some Shit” from his up-coming EP

Joe Lefty is a swedish born rapper who for the most part grew up in Brisbane, Australia. He has always been influenced by music and from an early age picked up a passion for writing and producing. In a short amount of time Joe Lefty has already been considered to be one of the biggest rap-prospects coming out of Sweden. The 21-year-old rapper is now putting together his first independent EP. The anticipated EP will show traces of boom-bap, soul and jazz music along with Joe’s own groove.

In order to meet the hype which he received earlier this year, Joe chose to release the song “OneTime” along with a video as an appetizer. The song received good critics and also found its way to the world renown website – World Star Hip Hop. And with the success of “OneTime”, Joe now plans to release the first single “Ain’t That Some Shit” from his upcoming EP “Dazed 4 Dayz”, which is settled to be release later this year. The single “Ain’t That Some Shit” follows the same sound and vibe that Joe has been playing around with lately. The song is also meant to help people to let loose even though they might be struggling in life.

The single will be available on iTunes and Spotify

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