Joe & Box (@joe_box) ft. Charlie X ‘Splinter’


Joe & Box are two emcee’s out of New Jersy who have got a lot of energy in their work. Their latest video for ‘Splinter’ is the second single off of their upcoming album ‘Never Grow Up’, scheduled to drop next Tuesday. The energy isn’t just from rapping fast (though Charlie X tears it up in the last verse) or an intense tempo but from the amount of fun they appear to be having and the love for what they are doing.

‘In the video, we are unknowingly held captive by a masked man in a suit. We are unaware that a world exists outside of our prison, until we find a rip in what we thought was just a black abyss. Once we find out the truth, the decision is ours to make. Should we stay in our “safe” prison or venture into a dangerous world where anything is possible?’

The concept of their video meshes well with their lyrical content, which is basically pondering their place in the rap game with. When they rap ‘producing like in fruity loops’  they aren’t far off, the track has a very clean beat and it’s the kind of self-deprecation that is lacking in other emcees. Smart and funny without being corny, this duo is easy to get hooked by.

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