Jetpack Jones Provides Otherworldly Vibes On New EP ‘Dopamine’

Jetpack Jones - Dopeamine

Independent recording artist Jetpack Jones is proud to grace us with the release of a new 5 song EP entitled, Dopamine. The proclaimed chillest rapper alive hailing from California aims to stimulate the pleasure seeking molecular compounds in our brains through a series of sequential sonic substances. In contrast to much of Jetpack’s previous work, Dopamine focuses purely on the otherworldly vibe and anime influenced sonic elements, rather than heavy lyrical content or story-driven themes.

Jetpack floats effortlessly throughout the duration of the project, transmitting airy vocals and endless melodic ballads. The EP is supplemented with limited guest appearances from frequent collaborators Legendvry, AprilFoolChild and Siri, all performed over mystical yet spacey sounding production provided by Abra Mane, Bryce Murdock, The Trackoholics and more.

The project is also accompanied by the first offering of complementary visuals for the project’s title track, shot and directed by Bay Area film-maker Jose Escamilla. Jetpack Jones’ full EP is for fans to listen/download via Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal and various other music streaming outlets.

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