Jetpack Jones Offers Candid Response to Coachella With ‘Hoodchella’

Jetpack Jones is wasting no time making his presence felt in the early part of the new year. The leader of the rapidly expanding JetpackMovement expresses his thoughts on the current situation unfolding with regards to the uproar surrounding Coachella, on a new song appropriately named after the new competing festival, ‘Hoodchella.’

The California emcee approaches the track with rhyme and reason, speaking vicariously for/through the people. Taking a much needed stance against the music festival juggernaut that’s seeking to obstruct the progress and livelihood of the more affordable and people oriented version that he, along with many other emerging artists are proudly rallying to perform at come April 8th-9th.

The disputes continue to play out and have garnered attention and action from the likes of many local/national artists, TMZ, Billboard and other sizable proactive platforms. The SaveHoodchella petition is already in full effect, and extremely close to reaching its supporter goal.

Give the song a proper listen and be sure to lend your feedback to the young creative as he helps lead the charge for #Hoodchella’s musical uprising.

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