Jetlag Joey (@JetlagJoey) ‘The Alfred Cole Collection’ Mixtape

Jetlag Joey 'The Alfred Cole Collection'

Orlando, FL rapper Jetlag Joey releases his The Alfred Cole Collection, which is a mixtape where he discovered what kind of music artists he wanted to be.

He says, “First installment of me finding myself as an artist. I have a canvas in my head that I have to cater to or else I feel like I’m missing something. Each song is like a scene that contributes to the whole movie. You’ll see from the alter-ego/conscience dubbed “Alfred Cole” in the backgrounds, skits, etc to the experimental rap-laced EDM track “Helluva High”, this tape is just the beginning to showing the world a new kind of creativity that will be brought to Hip-Hop by me in the next coming years.”

Be sure to listen to the tape, which is available now on SoundCloud.

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