Jaz Graham Releases Hit Single Listen To ‘Waiting For’

Rising R&B/Pop Star JAZ has a passion for maintaining her artistic integrity by reintroducing the type of sound reminiscent of 90’s artist who prided themselves in being memorable because of their musical ability versus midriff. JAZ is wholly invested in cultivating her craft and for the past two years has worked alongside New York Hit Maker Producer Remothehitmaker of New Wave Music. Remo is known for producing hits songs for national and international stars.

JAZ talks about her new single, “‘Waiting For’ is the truth for many women, young and old. My goal when recording “Waiting For” was to send a message that tells every woman to pay attention to the signs of a bad relationship, know her self-worth and move on from a unhealthy situation. Message for the fellows, “get it together before you lose a good woman”. For me, the release of “Waiting For” is perfect timing.”

Have a listen to the hit record above and be on the lookout for more music by the Los Angeles based songstress.

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