Jayd Ink Has A Question To Ask On Her New Single ‘DarkSkin’


Jayd Ink comes through with a solid record produced by kAui titled ‘DarkSkin.’ On the release she gives us her point of view on what it’s like living in the skin of a highly melanated empress. She also questions the state of mind of some fellow dark-skinned women in her hook, she sings, “Dark Skin girls they always saying: that you pretty for a dark skin, that your pretty for a dark skin. WTF does that mean?”.

Really, WTF does that mean?? All women are beautiful regardless of their hue. If a dark skinned woman ever needs some reassurance, she needs to take in some in some classic 2PAC.

“Some say the blacker the berry/ the sweeter the juice/ I say the darker the flesh/ then the deeper the roots.”

Dark-skinned women are the foundation, without a dark-skinned woman we would not be able to enjoy so many different variations of brown skin in women as well as in men. So with that being said, a dark-skinned woman should never look in the mirror and think that she’s not as beautiful as any body else. After all, she is the original beauty.

Have a listen to Jayd Ink’s ‘Dark Skin’ below.

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