Jaliyl YaSeen (@JaliylYaSeen) ‘FREE Lunch’

Jaliyl YaSeen 'FREE Lunch'

Hailing from Harlem World U.S.A. Jaliyl YaSeen has long been inspired by the true essence of the culture that lingers in the remnants of the Renaissance. A culture that represents Family First & Forever and By Any Means Necessary.

Jaliyl YaSeen invites you to pull up a seat to the table of talent and eat with him as you listen to the fruit of his labor titled Free Lunch. The 17 track IP [(IP) – Internet Protocol: Due to the laws of the World Wide Web I have condensed my mixtape to appease these Internet People] includes features by Dakota, Zakiyah and more.

YaSeen says, “This is the fruit of my labor. This is your food for thought.” Stream and download the new album below.