Izzy Kario Unleashes A New Visual Watch ‘RAW’

Izzy Kario freestyle single ‘RAW’ is a visual component that tells a metaphorical life story of an upcoming underground artist that is in a pursuit of brand identity within the crowded music market. Kario is continuing to refresh and release audio of history that is preparing for his upcoming mixtape of brand new music. 

Kario’s fan base is a bit fragmented, his love for music and the nightlife has allowed him to cross paths with people in all atmospheres of the music business. Each individual he has crossed path with only knows a small part of his full story. Kario will continue to release music to give fans a glimpse of the bigger picture and be able to track his music growth over the next couple of years.

Here is the kickoff music video for Izzy Kario titled ‘RAW,’ check it above.