Isiah (#IsiahTheArtist) ‘Know My Name’

Rapper Isiah Currie 2014

Isiah is a college educated NC Hip Hop Artist, born from New Jersey. His inspiration’s come from a wide variety of artist such as Hip Hop Titans Tupac, Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Jadakiss and etc. Isiah’s given talent is eye-catching with ability not only to freestyle but write heart-felt songs the audience is sure to feel. His first single ‘Know My Name’ relates the struggle of young African-American teens fresh out school and trying to make a name for themselves, knowing that a 9-5 is sub par when really music is their dream.

Isiah says, “The song gives hope and positive influence for people all over the world relating to make a better situation for themselves and their families.” Stream Isiah’s track below