Interview With Blue Label Artist Vice Carter (@FLIPublicEnemy)

All Unsigned® Digital Magazine has been featuring Flint, Michigan lyricist Vice Carter since the last quarter of 2013 and he’s been consistent with dropping music ever since. In the last 12 months he’s delivered four mixtapes! Great Mistake became a Deadstock Mixtape, Before HELl Freezes Over got the attention of Florida Blog Cracked Atoms, Inquiring Minds reached 9K Downloads & God Of Blue reached 2K! Vice has ReDefined underground HIPHOP by lettering his peers an eviction notice out of the game by lack of hard work, when the talented fail to work hard! He leads by example!

Recently All Unsigned® had the opportunity to catch up with Vice and ask him some question about his music such as; where it’s birth from, what he may or may not be doing in the future as well as who he would like to work with in the industry. We’ve learned so much about the talented Flint Rapper/Producer in our one on one interview. Read what he had to say below!

Rapper Vice Carter 2014

AU: Your album “God Of Blue” was recently released on Datpiff. How has the reaction been so far? 

Vice: It’s been incredible! I must say I didn’t expect to move no more than 50 Downloads, considering the fact that I’m from such a small city where rarely anyone pays attention to someone who’s as passionate as the next artist who doesn’t care at all about what he’s saying on his or her records. I really had the people’s ear and they loved what I had to say from my heart than a A&R’s point of view of what’s hot at the moment. I am beyond pleased and honored!

AU: What is your lead track on the track listing? What inspired you to write about that particular topic?

Vice: I would have to say “Vents.” The inspiration from that track came from a series of true events that have happened here in my city of Flint,Michigan. The Star Trek sample at the beginning clarifies the entire song! The man say’s “Insufficient facts always invite danger” and he replies, “Let’s state some facts!”  It was my way of telling the listener since it’s so dangerous to be too real with a generation where the image being sold is make believe and it leaves us getting hurt behind it anyway, why not tell the truth and hurt many non believers by standing for something than fall for anything they tell you. The second verse was inspired by a friend of mines who committed suicide because she was destined to live a clean life with a clean slate, even if it meant taking her own. R.I.P Gina Vents.

AU: Will you be shooting a video for this track? Any directors you want to work with?

Vice: As a matter of fact I do! Two directors… My big brother Maszarotti up at RhaeZeo Filming & Video as well as Hype Williams! Many might say it’s impossible to do so at this point with me being an “Underground Emcee” But that has nothing to do with the vision that needs to be presented in crystal clear HD, 3D, IMAX, REAL LIFE PICTURING! Lol I just want everyone to see what I seen recording this song exactly how I envisioned it at its best!

AU: What made you decide to get into rapping?

Vice: Dr.Dre’s “The Chronic” along with one of my middle school teachers Ms. Bay Woodson. We did a career day for the students that were in grades 6-8. I was in the 6th grade at the time hanging around people who wanted to be future doctors, lawyers, firemen, policemen and other things that showed up on your TV screen every once in a while as the ultimate goal of every successful citizen. When I stepped forward to the gym’s half court with my construction paper displaying the word “Recording Artist” to an entire class of children my age and older, I was told by Ms Bay Woodson that I had to choose a real career, not a short term goal! I knew it was my calling when those same kids who vouched to be the opposite, vouched to be something similar like an Actress, President of The United States and even a DJ! That was proof that I could reach one and teach a ton on how to protect and stand by your dreams at all times. That’s when I decided to get into Rapping.

Vice Carter 2014

AU: You’re not only a rapper, you’re also a producer. How long have you been producing and would you rather use your own production for your projects?

Vice: Believe it or not, I just started using Maschine last year. I got it as an early Christmas present in 2011 and got easily discouraged because I couldn’t make a bar worth a beat. (Vice Laughs). This year would be my first year being a producer and studying the art of chopping samples and picking the right ones with a proper kit to go along with it. I would love to use my own production for my music some day when I get as experienced as Dr.Dre is.

AU: GOD of Blue is your second mixtape of the year and we’re only in the first quarter. How do you stay focused and disciplined and continue to give your fans new content?

Vice: I lock myself in the bathroom wherever I am when I am ready to record or write. Draw arrows pointing towards me on the mirror with the words KILL HIM, THE COMPETITION in big RED letters. It reminds me who I need to focus and keep eyes and ears on as well as strengthen 24-7.

AU: Do you have any tips for people who want to get into the music business?

Vice: Stay hungry and always remain RAW, that spelled backwards brings us to war. War brings pain. Your fans love what hurts the most!

AU: What has been your number one lesson so far in making music?

Vice: Quantity over Quality! Kobe & Jordan never became legends and champions because of the shoes or the name; it was the amount of work that was put in behind all of that.

AU: Every artist has an artist who has inspired them one way or another to become an artist. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration in the industry?

Vice: Individually Tupac Shakur although he’s deceased, I still feel that he inspires me along with many other artists just by being who he was alone. Himself! As an artist D.O.C, his determination to keep going and pushing through the things he’s been through since 88’ is a huge inspiration to someone who has the voice to tell it. Whether Ghostwriting Projects or Solo albums that were label rejects, he’s superb!

AU: There are so many new rappers out right now. Some with and some without longevity in the game. If given the opportunity who would you want to work with first? And why?

Vice: I would want to work with Kendrick Lamar to get more assurance on how to be more humble. Sometimes I feel who you are as an individual suits your exterior display of passion for the game just fine inside of that recording studio, which explains why he can go from this style to that style over and over again. It’s incredible the way he does it, and I’m amazed every time he releases something new because it’s him 100%. No label whispering in his ear telling him to switch over to this or that, he has creative control, which is the main ingredient to longevity. He just has it mastered to a tee and I wouldn’t mind listening to his advice on how it’s done.

AU: What puts you in the zone when you’re in the booth?

Vice: I was always told that the tongue is the most dangerous weapon in the world in resemblance to a double edged sword! So I always think “Speak GOOD things into existence and let your dreams unfold through your very eyes” Remaining positive through the worlds negatives keeps me in the tunnel vision.

AU: If given the chance who would you want to collaborate with in the music industry right now?

Vice: Since I’m labeled sick and ill mannered, I need the Doctor to write out a prescription to benefit my health and longevity (Dr.Dre)

AU: Where can we find you around the net?

Vice: Datpiff.Com: Vice Carter || Twitter: @FliPublicEnemy  || My Home Blog Site: All Unsigned® || Beat Tape Co-Op || FaceBook: Vice Carter || Instagram: TanquerayANDBombay || YouTube: BlueLabelVison || Hang W/: TheGodOfBlue || Kik:GO_B1N3 || SoundCloud: Vice CarterMusic

AU: Any last words for your fans?


Thank you Vice for taking the time to do this interview with us. We’ve learned so much more about you as an artist and can’t wait to see you grow even more in 2014.

Interview By All Unsigned® March 2014

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