Iamsu! Chops It Up With Ebro, Rosenberg & Laura Stylez ‘Hot97 Interview’

IAMSU Ebro In The Morning

HBK’s Iamsu! chops it up with Ebro, Rosenberg & Laura about his upcoming tour as well as where he sees himself positioned in the game right now. He says he doesn’t care about being underrate because it’s about the music and fans. “I don’t even care, the fans are too dedicated, it’s too much love and it’s too many things that I gotta to do instead of being worried about being underrated.” Iamsu! says, “Ultimately it’s about the music and it’s about the fans.”

Iamsu! tells Rosenberg that he’s been working on production and has recently been in the lab making beats for Tinashe, Casey Veggies and has sent beats out to Tyga and a few others. He also jokingly gets pressed by Ebro to take care of his mom and buy her a Rolex.

Check out the full interview below.

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