Hustle Vision (@HustleVision) ‘Pleasure Meets Business’

Hustle Vision Pleasure Meets Business

Andrew Gaug for St. Joseph News-Press/FOX 26 KNPN – Rap Artist HustleVision releases his Debut National Album “Pleasure Meets Business”.

There comes a time in every artist’s life where he has to stop being humble and promote how far he’s come in his work.

Born TeFeris Henderson, a Lafayette High School alumnus, HustleVision had been afraid to admit he’d been running into artists like Iggy Azalea and T.I. on a regular basis as he spent time recording in Atlanta. It’s not that way anymore.

“I never talk about it. I never, we call it ‘flexing,’ brag about what’s going on because who’s really going to believe you? ‘I saw T.I. yesterday.’ People say ‘Yeah, right,’” he says laughing. “But the people I’m around, they see it with me all the time, so it’s pretty rewarding, being from St. Joe.”

Rewards for HustleVision keep coming as he recently released his debut album, “Pleasure Meets Business,” an eclectic mix of hip-hop, R & B and blues that was partially recorded at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, a favorite of artists like Whitney Houston and Usher. To clarify, HustleVision is still hesitant to name-drop the people he’s seen at the famed studio, the place where Drake recorded songs for his debut “Thank Me Later” and Lil Wayne recorded “The Carter III.” But he wants to show people back home that as a former St. Joe artist, as the former once said, he has started from the bottom and now he’s here.

About 10 years ago, HustleVision was known around St. Joseph as Frostee, a young, ambitious rapper who had such a wealth of material that he released three CDs on the same day. They sold well locally, propelling the artist to test the waters in Texas, where he would drive by himself on the weekends to sell his CDs at markets like Traders Village and various businesses.

“No one goes to the gas station without any money,” he says laughing. “It sounds simple, but that would be the main place I would go and sell my CDs.”

Eventually changing his stage name to HustleVision, he knew what places to hit up to perform — areas that were thirsty for hip-hop.

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