Hotboy Mula Releases The Slow Burner ‘Motion’

Hotboy Mula - Motion

Hotboy Mula made a name for himself last year with the release of his currently buzzing single ‘Actin Funny.’ 2016, Hotboy Mula is reloaded and set to make this year his starting with his first release of the new year ‘Motion.’ A slow burner that fits any party vibe with Mula singing over the hook;

“A 100 bottles in V.I.P/ some bad b*tches and my hitters in here with me/ tell the DJ play my song, we turning up/ my old jawn calling my phone, I ain’t picking up,” raps the Big Gwaap Ent. / BreakDay Ent. artist.

How y’all feeling this one? Could this be your new party anthem?? Have a listen to Hotboy Mula single below.

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