HollyWoodYSA (@HollyWoodYSA) ‘Real Recognize Real’

HollyWoodYSA 'Real Recognize Real'

Today is the day we have been waiting for, HollyWoodYSA of Lotta Money House Ent. has released his much anticipated FREE ALBUM “Real Recognize Real”.

Leading up to the release, YSA made a clever decision of entertaining his fans with a series of unreleased tracks called the “#tripleRThursdays” series. This created a nice buzz through social media and popular blogs.

“Real Recognize Real” (The Album) has been in the making for the past year. YSA and Producer Official Stichel, together, created a hard knocking, gritty, mid-90’s vibe throughout #tripleR. HollyWood YSA displays an array of concepts and punchlines that show off his lyrical skills and his ability to make his sound and songs relatable to his vastly growing audience.

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