Groom Dagne (@groomdagne) ‘The Grimiest’


Groom Dagne comes at hip hop with a love for the history of the genre, it is refreshingly old school to the core without sounding overdone. His latest video for his song ‘The Grimiest’ is black and white, made up of a mixture of appropriated visuals that evoke the past and Dagne rapping, planting himself among the nostalgia.

The production falls in line with this same idea with big band string swells mixed with staccato up strokes from funk guitars. The musical samples are cut and paste to show the seams, the deliberate glitchiness acting as our link to the present.  Not to mention Dagne’s flow, which rushes forth with ease and passion. His wordplay plays with the rhythm while the beat, produced by Madlib, keeps the tempo in check and the head bobbing. Keep an eye out for Groom Dagne’s first mixtape which is currently in the works and will be dropping in the near future.

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