Goody (@WhatsGoody_) ‘All I Know’

Goody 'All I Know'

Goody releases the track ‘All I Know,’ the first single off his debut project 21. In a day and age where artists are quick to comply with popular trends, Goody provides a unique and refreshing soundtrack to the streets of the windy city. His music provides listeners with a window seat into the life of a young male growing up on the streets of Chicago. Inspired by the introspective lyricism of 90’s hip-hop and R&B, Goody is prepared to lead the resurgence of quality hip-hop music with a message.

Goody says, “The message behind ‘All I Know’ derives from the importance of motivation and continuously progressing to make dreams reality. Goody’s intention was to inspire his listeners in their everyday quest to conquer goals.”

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