Ghost Palace (@Evthewordnerd) ‘Life Ain’t Sweet (Run)’


Ghost Palace is the new project from emcee Evolve and producer Progeny and their debut album ‘Life Ain’t Sweet (Run)’ was released a couple days ago. Evolve has got a gritty delivery that he spits aggressively with confidence and clarity. He calls out other emcees with the combative style of his delivery without the cliché posturing lyrics, instead he translates the rawness of his delivery into pessimistic images of modern life. Tracks like ‘Promise’, about absent fathers and the cycle of parenthood or ‘Scars’, about the remnants of suicide attempts, revolve around dark themes that Evolve is clearly at home with.

For his part Progeny backs up these street ballads with artfully produced beats that utilize live bass and guitars mixed with manipulated samples that keep it grounded in a hip hop aesthetic. Progeny has got a sense of Evolve’s flow and tailors the tracks to his dynamic energy while complimenting the dark subject matter with minor keys and reverb creating an atmosphere of ethereal sadness. Ghost Palace’s debut is the result of two practiced artists guiding an idea to it’s completion with the help of many other talented musicians that help create a dirty, sad and beautiful record.

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