GENRA (@gilchrist_john) Light Blue LP

GENRA  Light Blue LP

“The revolution will not be televised”, advised the poet Gil Scott Heron. Light Blue, Genra’s debut LP is a quiet revolution, refusing to meet outdated expectations or follow rehashed formulas. The songs are a fresh and dynamic journey through hip-hop. They invite and propel you. Raised and nurtured in the cultural stew of the Bay Area, calling Oakland home, Genra takes traditions and revitalizes them. Sharp wit and effortless lyricism are on display throughout this offering. GENRA seems at ease with his craft and there is an unexpected maturity for one so young, in his outlook. His experiences of straddling two worlds – black and white – have created a hybrid point of view, which is the future of music and of humanity.

Light Blue tells a story of transformation, of the man and the city he loves. The struggles are familiar: fear, guilt, and superficiality. Genra brings us back to the solutions: hope, second chances, oneness, and the necessity of evolving. Musically Light Blue is an upbeat challenge to think outside of the box, a sweeping ministry of sound calling upon us to join. In Thanksgiving, Light Blue will be available for free download on November 28th at It will be available for purchase on all major digital distributors December 3rd. Enjoy the musical ride below!

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