G-Unit (#GUnit) ‘Changes’

G-Unit 'Changes'

G-Unit is just on another level right now and relishing in their independence. The group has put out hit after hit since their return and continue to slay in their music videos.

The Unit’s new video ‘Changes,’ literally changes everything as far as perception goes in the industry. They trade their usual hip hop attire for something a little more grown and sophisticated. They know that they’re on a completely different level from when they first arrived on the music scene. G-Unit definitely has the power right now to change the game in a major way.

Being a truly independent label, sets them apart from a lot of artists in the game. Being independent allows them release music when they want and project it how they want. That’s the “Beauty of Independence.

In their visuals to ‘Changes,’ G-Unit reflects on their success as well as family and friends they’ve lost along the way. Their lifestyle has changes and they was they move in life is different. Of Course a hater gon hate, their winning!

Watch 50, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Kid Kid’s ‘Changes’ below + a behind the scenes of the 50 Cent directed video. The Beast is set to be released around November.

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