Forever Midnight Releases Follow Up Single Proceeding Debut EP ‘Remind You’

Forever Midnight 'Remind You'

20 Year-Old Austin, Texas’ own Forever Midnight has crafted a unique sound signature that bounces between many Hip-Hop and Electronic subgenres. A dark, yet pure and beautiful sound. With conflicting moods that battle each other to determine a different winner in each and every tune that FM pieces together.

This tune comes on the heals of Forever Midnight’s debut EP, entitled Portraits of the Heart, which was released on February 15th, 2015.

“‘Remind You’ may do just that. Of the past. Of the current. Of things you’re losing grip on. Of things you’ve lost.” – FOREVER MIDNIGHT

Take a listen to the soul strumming track below and head over to stream Forever Midnight’s full project, Portraits of the Heart.

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