Flex The Antihero Unleashes 3rd Official Album Single Stream ‘The Bed I Lay In’


Flex The Antihero releases the third official single from his forthcoming album. The record ‘The Bed I Lay In,’ features Emerson Brooks with production by Chef Byer and Mike F. The Hitman. Flex’s sophomore album Born Rebels is set to be released October 2016.

“With this record, I was essentially stating how dangerous it is to live with regret. I feel like we are guilty of living in the past, and forget to look forward instead of behind us. I mean, the past does play a part in what the future holds, but it doesn’t define where you are going…cut off what holds you back.” – a href=”http://twitter.com/FlexTheAntihero” target=”_blank”>Flex The Antihero

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