Fel Sweetenberg (@felsweetenberg) ‘The Sophomore Jinx’ [Album Art]

Fel Sweetenberg 'The Sophomore Jinx'

EFFISCIENZ – “The Sophomore Jinx album has been released in 2010. But without any physical copy nor real promo, the whole project went unnoticed and just a few Hip Hop heads got wind of the release.

Against all expectations and despite its indisputable quality, no label took the decision to promote the album. Disappointed, Camden Town’s own doesn’t quit And makes his work available through a digital release. With this top notch effort Fel Sweetenberg keeps on proving that he’s the kind of versatile artist they don’t make anymore, both talented as a emcee and as a beatmaker.

He makes all the beats on the album except one song produced by the illustrious Illmind. Each one of his productions is simply incredible and shows us perfectly the unique style of Fel Sweetenberg. Against this work of a genius with its one of a kind, raw and dirty atmosphere, we at EFFISCIENZ had no choice but to give this album a second wind. That’s why The Sophomore Jinx will be reissued on DECEMBER 3 on digital, CD and vinyl.

Stay tuned and make sure y’all ready to enter Fel Sweetenberg’s singular world of Rhymes and beats.”

Artwork: GUSTAVimages

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