Fab Soares (@fabxxsoares) ‘Nothing but rhymes’

Fab Shores 'Nothing But Rhymes'

Fab Soares is a rising talent hailing from London. He takes pride in carrying himself slightly different from other artists residing within the United Kingdom. He is the creator of a promising brand entitled ‘London’s Most Blunted’. He believes it holds all the makings of a legitimate imprint and has a lot to offer musically. He describes the members of his brand as: young, innovative, creative outcasts. Ultimately Fab Soares’ main objective is to supply the world with his unique music, by letting people into his introspective thoughts.

Fab Soares contains a classic old school hip-hop style which certainly has elements such as: rapid wordplay, trendy rhymes. However also having a charismatic delivery and entertaining lyrics. Viewers can always get a strong feel for Fab Soares’s personal style and also seeing a great glimpse of his character.

The only concern would be Fab Soares’ accent which potentially hinders his success with rapping in an accent, something that has gained a lot of criticism having attended a few meetings (although acknowledging his talent at the same time) and has been advised to move country, something he is willing to do if the opportunity presents itself.

Fab Soares is currently gaining a small fanbase and has had a college student using his song ‘Underdog Music’ for an A level media coursework which is significant progress and showing he’s on the right path as it stands.

Fab Soares has finally released his highly anticipated EP entitled Nothing but rhymes a project for all hip-hop heads and underground listeners.

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