Exclusive: Cherae Leri’ (@Cheraeleri) ‘Mirage’ + Interview

Cherae Leri' 2015

US-based artist Cherae Leri’ has been steadily aligning herself with the right people to begin her career as a singer. Her roots, which stem from a modelling background, has placed her in the ideal position with respect to the entertainment industry. Her journey thus far has enabled her to meet celebrities at an enormous pace.

“Cherae’s style of music fits best in the 90’s era of R&B, but overall forever remains multi-talented in many styles. Although her claim to fame might have been through the modelling industry, Cherae is definitely a singer who models and not the other way around. Cherae Leri’ is a perfect combination of Neo, Soul, Pop, Jazz and R&B.”, said her management at ET Management International.

Today we get an exclusive new single from Cherae entitled ‘Mirage‘ off the mixtape Maybe Its The Way iSpeak Vol.1 presented by iSpeakFemale Clothing Line. We asked Cherae a few question about the single and plans for 2015.

What was the inspiration for this single?
“Mirage, um..was really inspired by the beat first and when I heard the beat, it was um. I just closed my eyes and I just felt dreamy, I felt like just um, I kept seeing the video before I even wrote the song I always usually see the video of my music before I finish writing it or as im writing it and I just pictured um, a beach and me walking, a flowey type material and I fade away on the beach and some how i end up on the desert so as I was thinkin im like, hmmm like a hallucination like a figment of your imagination im like umm, what is that word that you hear when you’re in the desert and you, ya know you dehydrate and im like a mirage and like form there I just kinda build around of thinking like open your eyes, dancing for ya man and even um jus not really being there like he wants you but your just kinda like taunting him. So the inspiration I guess was just um, a fantasy I believe we all fantasies for our loved ones, male, female..doesn’t matter you create that fantasy lifestyle, so..that’s where mirage came from.”

Any new project lined up for 2015?
There’s a EP which should be released by the middle of the year. As we get closer to that date I’ll then release the title, but until then your just going to have to wait and see.

Stream the single below and be sure to visit Cherae Leri at Cheraeleri.com

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