The Official Cypher of the Midwest Rap Retreat

On Dec 6th, The BPeM Group presented the 1st “RapHaven” Rap Retreat. It was a awesome and momentous occasion where artists came together to collab, network, interview and break bread. This happened in a serene setting at a Western Illinois cabin. The outcome was a slew of dope interviews, friendships, upcoming mixtape, upcoming showcase & this dope ass acapella rap cypher.

The 1st RapHaven Cypher was set around the campfire. It featured Fury, P1, Redd Montana, Byro, Jacque Corbet, Def-D & Midwest hiphop artist of the year, Babyface Monster.

Next RapHaven Rap Retreat is set for April 11th in St. Louis. Check out the cypher below, if interested in going out to the next retreat

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