ElceeTheArtist Releases Visuals For ‘Low Lights’

ElceeTheArtist - Low Lights AGO

The video opens with a freestyle from ElceeTheArtist on SwayInTheMorning during Toronto’s NBA All Star Weekend. The flow switch-up, and quick bars off the top let the world know Toronto is on. The video then cuts into the record ‘Low Lights,’ which was shot at night close to the familiar Big Bronze “Whatchamacallit” designed by Henry Moore in front of the AGO in the heart of Toronto.

The video acts as a juxtaposition of the “art that’s made it” inside the AGO, and the art that’s driven from the real experience of a Torontonian today. It illustrates that HipHop really is the art of the common people.

‘Low Lights’ contains recomposed keys and bass from The Life Of Pablo album’s interlude ‘Low Lights.’ Following a similar message to the interlude, Elcee stays positive and speaks on advancing in life over an uptempo, DJ Mustard styled beat. ElceeTheArtist brings us through the mind of a man on the grind.

Follow him as he considers the demands of everyday life, and how they change the path to success.

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