ElceeTheArtist & BONHAM CARTER Release Joint EP ‘Love Notes’

Right in the middle of Toronto’s hottest summer in memory, ElceeTheArtist delivers a cool, and up-beat EP called “Love Notes”. The album focuses it’s attention on the many different aspects of that fickle thing we call love. Take a familiar journey with Elcee as he paints some iconic moments in love through this five-track EP.

The album, produced by California’s BONHAM CARTER, has some smooth melodies punctuated with staccato percussion, and horns that snap through the synths throughout each of the tracks. ElceeTheArtist’s vocals ride across the arrangements with a complexity that accents the instrumentals. The subjects of the lyrics fit right at home on top of those soulful melodies.

The whole concept of the album stems from the “notes” that make up the musical arrangement, to the “notes” about love that each track represents. All of this culminates in an EP that is a collection of Love Notes.

Have a listen to the full project above.

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