Elcee (@ElceeTheArtist) ‘Robbery’

Elcee 'Robbery'

Every Sunday since Jan. 26th, 2014 Elcee has been releasing a song via SoundCloud in promotion towards his upcoming project LeoSoul set to release July 23rd, 2014. #SoundCloudSunday is the title to the annual Sunday series. Below is a brief description of this weeks release entitled ‘Robbery.’

Production on the track by Drill Sergeant, KoBe Banner. Elcee came in contact with KoBe Banner while looking for an instrumental for Childish Gambino’s ‘Do Ya Like.’ Banner made his own version of the song using acapella’s from the original which is what lead to the first collaboration between Elcee and KoBe Banner. Since then, whenever KoBe wasn’t too busy yelling at Marine’s he would throw production Elcee’s way. Listen to the track ‘Robbery’ below.

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