Elcee (@ElceeTheArtist) ‘Careless’

'Careless' Elcee

Every Sunday since Jan. 26th, 2014 Elcee has been releasing a song via SoundCloud in promotion towards his upcoming project LeoSoul set to release July 23rd, 2014. #SoundCloudSunday is the title to the annual Sunday series. Below is Careless, a Sinjin Hawke produced track. Expect the first single from LeoSoul in the upcoming weeks as a way to wrap up the #SoundCloudSunday series.

Sometimes we’re better off not caring, at least according to Elcee. Life is full of people trying to stop us and countless obstacles. If you allow boundaries to be built between you and what you strive for, you’ll never reach success. Allow yourself to win.

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