Eddie Wellz (@EddieWellz) ‘Keep Your Head Up’ Mixtape

Rapper Eddie Wellz

Eddie Wellz is an American hip hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently attending Arizona State University. Wellz was born March 9th, 1991 in Denver, Colorado. After being adopted, he spent his childhood moving across the country; leaving Denver and moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Boise, Idaho before settling in Arizona.

Wellz always had a natural talent for rapping but didn’t decide to take it seriously until being constantly pushed by his friends to rap. At age 19, Wellz decided he wanted to make rap his career. During his Junior year at Arizona State University, Wellz released his 1st project; an 18-track mixtape entitled “The Speed of Thought.”

With his 1st project under his belt, Wellz is ready to take his career to the next level. He recently released his sophomore project, “Keep Your Head Up” on March 6th, 2014. With “Keep Your Head Up,” Wellz plans to show the world that he isn’t your everyday rapper. Every bar in an Eddie Wellz verse has a purpose. He makes music to motivate and inspire people. His goal is to use any recognition he gains from entertaining to influence others and spread positivity to the world.

Eddie Wellz is just getting started. With aspirations to change the world, there’s no limit to what Wellz can accomplish.

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