Dysfunqtional (@Dysfunqtional) ‘Flawless’

Dysfunqtional 'Flawless'

Dysfunqtional represents a quarter of rap group “Money Hungry” who is an up and coming rap group consisting of rappers Bread Winner, Lowkey Cervino, Dysfunqtional, and rapper/producer LCaesar.

Their varied production, which ranges from heart-wrenching to club-rocking allows the four rappers to rap about everything from daily frustrations, certain lifestyles and global issues.

The quartet represents Vancouver’s Eastside. Their music reflects a neighborhood of mixed economic backgrounds, in which the failure of the capitalistic dream is just as easily spotted as the success. Each song sees the rappers drawing on life experiences of growing up in such conditions.

Listen to their version of Beyoncé’s Flawless entitled ‘Flawless (MHmix)’ below and be sure to pick up their debut mixtape EPITOME OF VANCOUVER.

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