Dynamic Equilibrium (@dynamiceq) ‘Lucidity’


Dynamic Equilibrium is a duo out of New York made up of emcee Alpha Memphis and producer Machia. They’ve just released their official video for the track ‘Lucidity’ off of their upcoming album ‘Post Crack Era’. They decide to tackle suicide, a topic often looked at negatively within the hip hop world but still exists whether you admit it or not. Beyond the messages of despair is a positive intention. Memphis and Machia say this of their intent:

“This song tells the story of a man down on his luck and even worse, the story of a man that feels unloved. Let’s spread love before it’s too late.”

With powerful imagery and capable acting the video definitely leaves an impression. Though it deals with isolation and sadness it compels the exact opposite, to make amends and show love to those in our lives in dire positions.


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